Epic Construction Fun

Kids love building things.. that is why we launched the Kidz Brickz programme in 2014. All sessions are jam-packed full of Lego, Knex, Kapla and Edublocks activities within a fun and friendly environment at our Eversfield School Camp!

As Part of our Multi Activity Programme

All children who are signed up to our Multi Activity Programme will be given the opportunity to take part in Kidz Brickz sessions on most days in addition to all the other activities that are on offer to them during the day.

Standalone Kidz Brickz Programme

On certain days during most school holidays, (currently limited due to covid), Kidz Brickz will also be available as a full day programme that can be booked specifically for your children to take part in. It runs alongside our other activities at Eversfield School, offering an epic day of Lego, Kapla and other brick building activities.

Upcoming Dates

We hope to be able to confirm our standalone Kidz Brickz Camp dates very soon. Due to Covid it is likely to restart during the Summer holidays.

Important Booking Information

When booking onto our Eversfield School camp, your child(ren) will automatically be signed up to our Multi-Active programme unless notified. As part of our Multi-Active programme, all children will automatically be given the option to take part in Kidz Brickz sessions on most days.

If you wish to book your child into our standalone full day Kidz Brickz programme when it is operating, please book as usual, then inform us by emailing info@allactivecamp.com.

Please note, you can continue to take advantage of our full week price if booking a variety of different programmes during the week.

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